Baileyana Irrigation and Landscaping

BAILYEANA IRRIGATION & LANDSCAPES P/L services both Domestic and Commercial customers.  One of the main Business Customers for the Company is a major development company.  We have completed many Landscaping works to Reserves within the 4 villages currently under construction and completed.  The association commenced approx. 7 years ago and has to date remained a solid working association, which is an indication of the quality and satisfaction by our customer of the works completed over many years.

Another Commercial customer that we have serviced in recent times is a major seller of plumbing and irrigation parts, but do not have their own installation department.  Baileyana IRRIGATION & LANDSCAPES P/L install many of their irrigation systems on their behalf for any of their clients requiring installation.

The Domestic work is comprehensive and varied with approximately 50% of the work coming through referrals, satisfied customers along with repetitive or additional work from existing clientele.